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Post 1: learning to see

Questions referencing the following articles: Information Architects Inc. article “Learning to See” Android UX Team: Design Principles   Tell us what resonated with you most?In Learning to See, the concept of perceptual set was very familiar, especially as related to professional training. Having trained for/worked in several professions, I know that depending on … Continue reading

Assignment 03

  Name a few examples of “overall goals” for the web site design or re-design. ü Increase traffic ü Increase sales ü Decrease calls to customer service ü To make technical adjustments to the site such as design a more intuitive navigation or streamline certain actions. What does a Project Plan consist of? Minimally ü … Continue reading

thinking outside the box

this ain’t your grandma’s boxed wine.

midterm stuff

wordpress is NOT intuitive

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Here’s #30: Meditate.

Food On Foot, take 2

Food On Foot, take 2

Food on Foot isn’t about giving people food; it’s about giving them the tools to re-emerge into society. The colors reflect the rich nutrients and raw materials required for (re)growth, and the texture symbolizes the grittiness of the transformative journey.

FOF_Project Brief

My site map

My site map

go to
for the actual site.
it’s a pretty cool organization founded by a former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, and it explores consciousness.